Dark Humor

A form of humor involving a twist or joke making the joke seen as offensive, harsh, horrid. Yet the joke is still funny. You need to have pension for dark humor in order to find it truly funny. In a way, it could be seen as the jokes are so horrible in their twist that it makes it funny. – Urban Dictionary

As I was hurriedly defrosting hamburger in the microwave, the packaged meat was still within one of those bags you get by the meat department (to keep from dripping blood – ewww!). Jonathan asks “Isn’t that bad for you?” while pointing at the meat.

“It’s probably not great for you,” I reply.

“Uh-huh, cleaning the grill we use with bleach wipes, now cooking meat in plastic bags… you’re trying to kill us.”

“I’ve been doing it your whole life – we’re all fine.”

“Some pain is on the inside,” he jokingly replies all sullen.

Me, laughing “by the time we figure out you guys are sick, I’ll be dead!”

Jonathan laughs…

Yep, this kind of humor is why we don’t make many friends. I love it.

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