No Opiates Day 1 – the rest of it

Embrace the cleanse…

I knew we had to go get groceries as I knew I would not be up to doing it in the next few days at least.

Jonathan knows I am withdrawing, so when I asked if he would take me to the store (he could “drop me off and get your haircut while I start shopping,” I reasoned). He agreed and helped me come up with a manageable if-I-can’t-do-it-dad-or-Josilyn-can menu. He waited patiently for me to move slowly about the house to take stock of what we had. He went down to the basement to inventory the freezer and then waited patiently for me to get ready.

He waited patiently as I smoked my vapor cigarette before venturing in the store and promised to “don’t dilly-dally around, come right over to the store in case the anxiety, sweats or shits have started”.

He waited patiently for my to visit the bathroom twice in the last two aisles of the commissary, went and got the eggs, butter and bread as I called over my shoulder on my way back to the toilet. He’s an amazing son in ways you can’t tell other people. “My son has my back when I’m withdrawing from narcotics.” Or “My son helped me through my psychotic episode when Dad deployed, Josilyn left for Basic (Army), and David moved out.”

By the time we got home, I was heading to the toilet again (“Embrace the ‘Cleanse’….Embrace the ‘Cleanse'” my new mantra) and he was unloading all the groceries. He paid for the last $50 of them too. Even agreeing to my “I have to have these mixed nuts” moment.

I don’t think I made dinner, I’m fairly certain that we did a “fend for yourself” (ie., Dad eats cereal) night. I sat on the couch watching Grey’s Anatomy and held my stomach and smoked a little weed to get through the anxiety that was setting in.

According to –

Common symptoms of withdrawal include:

Profuse sweating
Loss of appetite
Watery eyes
Muscle pain
Dilated pupils
Runny nose
Back pain
Joint pain
High blood pressure
Fast breathing
A rapid heart rate
Abdominal cramping
Mood swings
Rare, but severe and possibly fatal side effects of improper oxycodone withdrawal include:

Excessive drops in blood pressure
Cardiac arrest
Circulatory depression
Respiratory arrest