No Opiates Day 2 and 3

I didn’t sleep except in two hour increments all night…

I’m pushing everything I have to write what I felt like on day 2 on actually day 3.
Saturday, Day 2: I didn’t sleep except in two hour increments all night. I woke up nauseated and feeling terrible. I made a promise to myself to shower when I stank, so I showered – before I was even done with my coffee! I did it then because I knew if I waited another five minutes, I wouldn’t have it in me.

I did the dishes. Cleaned the kitchen. Shawn and I worked on the bed frame. What should have taken 2 hours took 6. But Shawn gave me the time I needed to recoup after each small task and we got the frame on. The plus side was that the boards are no longer leaning against my office wall. The downside, the screw holes now need to be filled and sanded. And the corners, well… They are not great corners. They will need to be filled, sanded, shaped and perhaps covered up. But, they are on the bed.

Sunday, Day 3: I drank my coffee and sat outside in the sun. It was a high of almost sixty degrees and if you sat in the sun, close to the house – blocking the wind – it was beautiful. I soaked it in and thanked God for a beautiful sunny day.

Shawn bathed the dogs. He knows when I get it into my head that they need a bath, everything revolves around them needing a bath. It was a warm day and I don’t think he could come up with a good excuse not too, so he did, for me. 🙂

I met Lee on the patio with his extra towel. Both dogs love to rub their face in their extra towel as I rub the excess water off their feet, neck, tail, and bellies. Places they are too determined to get away from Shawn for him to get on them. Lee was first today and I think even he knew he needed a bath.

Mitzi was doing her incognito walk very quickly away and act like I didn’t hear you as I go hide at the back corner of the fenced backyard. It makes me laugh!

I met her on the patio too. We basked in the sun and waited for them to dry a little. We brushed them best we could – their hair flying all over the house (still is).

The rest of the day, I declined. My mood, my body, my mind. I felt like I had been run over by a semi-truck and my migraine was starting. I did not have diarrhea – I had more like, if I move, I will have the worst flu on earth set in.

I did not move.

Shawn took care of me all afternoon and evening. I laid on the couch. He got me water, covered me in a blanket, cooked and brought me dinner.

He listened to me complain. After we went to bed at 2020, he reassured me that this was all normal – even if “I was only on two pills a day, I can’t feel this bad for two pills a day”. He said it would pass.