Me Today

I got sick, not stupid.

I hear you when you’re not speaking, feel you when you’re hiding. I may rest but I don’t give up and if you’re someone I love, it is with not just my heart but my spirit. I may be sad but I’m not unhappy. I care about people I don’t even know. I’m disgusted by drama. I choose. You have no power. My mind is controlled by me. My heart is controlled by my mind. My spirit, by God – whether you believe in him or not, or try to use Him against me. I have no patience but waited years for an opportunity for safety. I wait for truth.
Your turn! Who are you?

Author: Spirit

Spirit, also known as Lynne M. Hanson, is a freelance blog writer who shares anecdotes and stories based on her real-life experiences in hopes of empowering others. See more - here -