Yet another email to LAPD

At the time of Kevin’s disappearance he was separated from his wife, Joanna (Reboja) Smith who lives in Los Angeles, CA. Kevin resided in Florida and worked for Kenny Davis who owned the condo that Kevin lived in. In late October/early November 2011, Kevin was in contact with the Los Angeles Police Department in connection … Continue reading “Yet another email to LAPD”

There’s always a past

There’s always a past

Sexual assault perpetrators always have a past. Family members have an inkling that something isn’t right, or have made excuses for why the “questionable incident” happened.  And if not family members, close friends that hear statements that are not appropriate when compared to rational thought.  There are schools, colleges, and employers that receive reports of … Continue reading “There’s always a past”

At least I know where

My kids are all in different places right now. Some in country and others in far away lands. As difficult as that is for me, I feel selfish because they are all healthy and I “know” where they all are. I keep praying for your family Kevin. I can’t fathom the pain your mom feels.