Updated information regarding mysterious disappearance of Kevin Smith

2019 – Family seeks information from Craiglist regarding an “iPhone Buyer” listed on the site (Sherman Oaks) with phone number 310-849-8160 on 11/5/2011. Contact form submitted and ad posted here: https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/laf/6903654348.html

2019 – Family lists Kevin in Los Angeles Craigslist in effort to find someone who may have seen him. Ad is here:

2019 and 2013 – Los Angeles Police Department closes “Missing Person” investigation because they believe he is a “Voluntary Missing Person” and a “Fugitive from the Law”.

2014 – Kevin’s brother makes new “Missing Person” report with the Los Angeles Police Department (Case # 14-07-05050)

2013 – Divorce papers for Kevin and estranged wife are delivered to her residence where “Kevin” supposedly signed the response to allow divorce to proceed.

2013 – Family receives information about Kevin’s car from their private detective. Missing car: 2010 Nissan 370Z, Red, CA Lic. # 6ROS417, Vin: JN1AZ4EH7AM505515

2012 – Kevin’s mother, Liz, receives threat of defamation suit for identifying Kevin’s estranged wife and mother-in-law in posts regarding Kevin’s disappearance. As a result, the estranged family members names were omitted from posts.

March 2012 – Los Angeles Police Department enters missing car into “wanted vehicle” database and puts a “stop” on vehicle registration in California.

February 2012 – Family finally receives Kevin’s phone records from his estranged wife.

November 2011 – Estranged wife stops service on Kevin’s phone.

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