Wait for me?

You say that you’re waiting for me

You say that you’re waiting for me,
just a few steps ahead,
your hand outstretched behind you,
waiting for me to catch up…
and I almost do.
I can almost feel the warmth
of my hand in yours,
instead I feel the gentle air
between our fingers as they almost touch.
You say you’re waiting
and yet changing
to no longer need me there
up ahead…
As I almost run,
doubling my steps,
hand outstretched as far,
as close as I can,
you say you’re waiting
just ahead
and remind me
of where I am.

Author: Spirit

Spirit, also known as Lynne M. Hanson, is a freelance blog writer who shares anecdotes and stories based on her real-life experiences in hopes of empowering others. See more - here -