Yet another email to LAPD

At the time of Kevin’s disappearance he was separated from his wife, Joanna (Reboja) Smith who lives in Los Angeles, CA. Kevin resided in Florida and worked for Kenny Davis who owned the condo that Kevin lived in.

In late October/early November 2011, Kevin was in contact with the Los Angeles Police Department in connection with a criminal investigation regarding his car, a Nissan 370Z which was purchased for him through Maria Cherry Reboja, his estranged mother-in-law. He traveled from Florida to Los Angeles, California with the intent of meeting with Detective Stallworth and to return the vehicle. He visited family members (mother, step-father, brother and sister) in Georgia, Texas and Arizona on his way to California.

While Kevin was visiting his mother, Liz, he mentioned that he was going to LA to explain to the LAPD about how he received the car. He said that the dealership came into the home where Cherry and Joanna cared for Rita Cutler and that Cherry had signed the paperwork on behalf of Rita Cutler.

He also said that Rita’s daughter hired Cherry and brought Joanna and other family members from the Philippines to work for her and that she had Joanna’s aunt do her taxes so that she (Rita’s daughter) would receive tax credits and file for only one employee and yet had all of them working for her.

He told Liz that he felt like he should tell Cherry and Joanna that he was going to talk to the LAPD because he didn’t want to cause them any problems but that he wasn’t going to not tell the detectives what occurred.

He arrived in Los Angeles on 11/2/11 and called Detective Stallworth at 11:38 a.m. – the phone call with her lasted seven minutes. He also checked-in to the Adventurer Hotel which he had booked with Expedia for a reservation from 11/2/11 – 11/8/11.

Kevin was in frequent contact with his friend, Claudia Gomez throughout the trip from Florida to LA. On 11/8/11 he text her and asked if he could stay the night as he was out of money. Although she had given him permission to stay, he never arrived at her home and has not been heard from since.

Liz originally reported Kevin missing on 11/7/11 after not being able to reach him for two days. She again tried to reach him by phone on 11/8/11 and the phone just rang and rang and did not go to voicemail.

A couple of weeks later, Liz contacted Detective Stallworth regarding the missing person’s report. Detective Stallworth (mistakenly) said that she had talked to Kevin on 11/8/11 and that she may have scared him enough for him to be on the run.

As a result, LAPD Missing Person’s said that since he was considered a wanted fugitive, he could not be classified as a missing person. But Detective Stallworth said that she had not yet filed for a warrant or have his vehicle listed in the wanted NCIC database. The registration “stop” was placed on Kevin’s car in March of 2012.

Detective Stallworth had contacted Kevin’s employer, Kenny who said that Kevin was rarely in contact with his family, that he was embarrassed by them and that he was more like a son to Kenny verses Kevin’s step-father, Mike Smith.

She also spoke to Joanna and her family which claimed that Kevin had abandoned Joanna. (Note: Kenny told me something similar during a telephone conversation I had with him a few weeks later.)

Joanna cancelled Kevin’s cell phone service and changed her mother’s cell number two weeks after Kevin was reported missing.

It took a few months (February 2012) for Kevin’s family to get the phone records from Joanna. Kevin’s brother, Jason, personally visited Joanna to pick up the phone records. When he arrived at Joanna’s residence, Kenny (Kevin’s employer) was also there.

Kenny tried to convince Jason also that Kevin was partying with a woman somewhere and had abandoned Joanna.

The Reboja’s have continuously maintained that they were the one’s hurt by Kevin’s abandonment.

During a Facebook message exchange between Cherry and Liz, Cherry told Liz that she should watch her back because it was Liz’s friend that told the Reboja’s to hire an attorney about a defamation suit for Liz’s posts about Kevin missing and his estranged family’s uncooperation with the phone records.

She also said they had basically gave him [everything] every whim; that they gave him $10,000 to get a new car in September 2011; and she had helped Kevin until the “last minute”. She also said they had given the phone records and Kevin’s car VIN to Jason and “your friend” (Kenny).

With phone records in-hand, Liz sent me copies so we could review them for information that might help us find Kevin. This is when we realized that Kevin had called Stallworth as soon as he arrived in LA (11/2/11) and that we had no record of them talking on 11/8/11.

We were also able to see that Kevin was in frequent contact with his family for weeks before his disappearance, just as Liz had said to Detective Stallworth and LAPD Missing Person’s.
(Note: We’re not convinced that the phone records we received are complete.)

We focused on the last week’s phone records before he disappeared and were able to identify most people/numbers he had contact with from 11/1/11 – 11/8/11.

There were multiple messages to and from his parents (Liz and Mike), his brother, Jason and sister, Suzie. He text Kenny (his employer) two times and Cherry Reboja one time, on 11/3 and 11/4 respectively.

He called/text a watch buyer (Kevin was wearing a very expensive watch while he visited his family during the trip), called two AT&T locations (El Segundo and Culvert City) and a used iPhone buyer from Craigslist after purchasing a new phone. (Screenshots attached.)

I’m fairly certain he met with a buyer as there are text/picture messages FROM Kevin’s number TO Kevin’s number on 11/6/11.
(Note: He posted on Facebook that he had purchased a new phone and requested for his friends and family to text him their numbers.)

He also called and text Well’s Fargo Bank and his friends, Claudia and Mara frequently. The last message was to Claudia at 11:20 a.m. on 11/8/11.
(Note: The texts to Wells Fargo always coincide with texts to Claudia.)

Kenny told me that Kevin was taking money out of Kenny’s bank account to pay for his trip to California and that he had no choice but to file a police report about it for recovering the funds. Kevin told Liz something about Kenny not paying him and that he was transferring money from Kenny’s account for wages.

We had a private investigator look into Kenny/Joanna/Cherry in March 2013.

The investigator said that Kenny had no verifiable income or business licenses since 2007 but that there was an IRS tax lien against Kenny for $145,000 (March 2010) and that he had a filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in February 2012 (New York Eastern Court, Case # 1270545) with assets listed as over $2M and debts over $7M.

Our private investigator went to Joanna’s residence (April 2013) to ask questions about Kevin’s whereabouts and did not divulge who he was. Shortly there after, Kenny contacted Liz about who was asking Joanna questions. When Liz told him that she didn’t know, he became extremely agitated.

At the urging of our investigator, we were not sharing information with Kenny but did contact him about getting Kevin’s belongings so we would be able to submit DNA for Kevin’s case. Kenny claimed that Kevin’s items were in storage and when Liz would not be dissuaded by this, he became extremely angry and said he didn’t want her to contact him any more. He has not contacted Liz again.

Our investigator thought it might be interesting to contact Kenny again about getting Kevin’s belongings but said to do so with caution. We have not done this as we are somewhat fearful of who Kenny may be associated with.

Joanna and her family continue to live at Rita Cutler’s residence even though Rita has been moved to a nursing home, which surprised the investigator since Cherry had charges against her for elder financial crimes with Rita Cutler as the victim.
(Note: Cherry has since been convicted on one of the counts but the count for signing the contract has been dismissed. I’m assuming this is because Kevin could not be a witness about it.)

I’m including the following information for you about other aspects of Kevin’s disappearance:

1) Before arriving in LA, Kevin contacted a friend (Em Landicho) through Facebook who is a singer and asked for tickets to her show on 11/9/11 and made arrangements to text to meet her before the concert (Parokya Ni Edgar + Bamboo + Gloc-9). He never showed up for the tickets and did not use a credit card if he was there (the manager at Beyond the Stars Palace searched their records for transactions at that concert for me).

2) Originally when Detective Stallworth said she had spoken to Kevin on 11/8/11, she said Kevin had made arrangements to come in on 11/15/11 as he wanted to go to San Diego to see friends first.

The friends he was referring to is Rene, Teresa and Mike Ponce – family friends of the Smith’s. Last year, Teresa contacted Liz and claimed that a psychic she knew had told her where Kevin’s body was buried. She started out giving very little information about a park in Van Nuys and the numbers “5415” but when Kevin’s case was featured on Facebook’s Missing Persons Page a few months later, Teresa started sending Liz more information.

This time, she admitted that the psychic was a family member named Rayleen Ryder and that she, Teresa and a movie producer had gone to a park located at 5415 Sepulveda Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA and took photos of where Kevin was buried. They sent Liz the photographs.

(Note: there is a company owner who is located at the address of 5415 Sepulveda Blvd.)

3) We believe that Cherry and Kenny are responsible for Kevin’s disappearance and that they both have something to gain by his disappearance. We believe Kenny is involved in illegal activity and that this is where he gets his income to pay for million dollar residential properties from. We also believe Kenny was in a financial crisis before Kevin disappeared.

We believe the only way the second charge against Cherry would have resulted in a conviction is as a result of Kevin’s account of what happened.

We believe that Kenny Davis and Cherry Reboja have some sort of interconnected activity that Kevin was aware of.

We also know that Kevin would not quit communicating with his family unless there was a threat against his family’s well-being. He has always told his parents if he was in any sort of trouble and he has always faced any repercussions.

We believe he was going to tell Detective Stallworth the truth about what happened with his car. We believe Kevin is probably deceased.

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